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PhenGold Quick Weight Loss Guidelines

This Article will help you achieve the best results on your weight loss using PhenGold

PhenGold Quick Weight loss Guidelines to achieve maximum results.

• Step 1
Drink enough water, purified water is the best, keep it simple drink 1 glass of water each hour while you are using PhenGold and stopping 2 hrs before bed time. The actual formula – take your body weight in U.S.A. Pounds and then divide it by two , then take that result and convert it to ounces of water . You should then take that amount and divide it by 10 assuming you will be able to drink that amount each hour for 10 hrs. Remember to stop a few hrs before you sleep to avoid getting up in the night, we want you to sleep and get your rest a minimum of 8 hrs per night.
• Step 2
Go now to the diet page on the site at www.PhenGold.com, they have several different diets that work very well with PhenGold. Scan each and choose which one you want to use. Once you have made your decision make sure you have all the ingredients for at least a week of the diet chosen. By doing this you will be sure to start out correctly and will have time to repurchase any missing items on the diet you have chosen before your PhenGold tabs arrive.
• Step 3
Take your PhenGold diet tabs as directed don’t double up ever if you miss a dose just remember to take the next one at the scheduled time.
• Step 4
Follow the PhenGold diet plan eats 6 times per day, mark off your planned daily consumption and stick to it for 30 days minimum, this will force you to break old bad habits and create new good eating habits.
• Step 5
Avoid processed foods, reduce or eliminate preservatives as much as you can possible within reason. Do not eat any processed white flower breads, pastas or sugars. White processed flour or pastas become glucose in your blood almost instantly and that’s sugar. Your body will not consume harder to burn calories like fat cells if you are giving it easy to burn sugars.  Lower your meat intake to a minimum, any meat you consume should be poultry skinless or fish low. Vegetable protean is preferred it’s easier for your body to use and will make fat loss easier.  Do not fall into the trap of drinking diet drinks or other flavored drinks instead of water; you
need to drink purified water only nothing else should be consumed. You should also cut out all artificial sweeteners which can cause your liver to work harder.
• Step 6
Weight yourself daily keeping your diet plan as a weight lose journal , recommended to take  photos of yourself at the beginning and weekly until you reach your goal.
• Step 7
Don’t drink alcohol if you are using PhenGold products or trying to lose weight. Alcohol stresses  the liver, actually slows down your body’s metabolism and your ability to burn fat.
• Step 8
Remember to burn fat you have to burn more calories than you are consuming, think of your body as a reserve , what you eat replenishes , maintains or increases its volume. If your reserve is   over full you need to reduce your intake and your body will begin to consume stored fat.   This needs to be accomplished correctly by eating six times per day to help keep your body   working at maximum metabolic rate. PhenGold will force your body’s metabolic rate to increase  even though your body wants to slow down from low calorie intake achieving maximum fat  burning. PhenGold is forcing your body to burn fat and have high energy levels at the same time.  You need to follow the instructions to the letter to receive maximum results.
Final thoughts
Breaking old habits is not easy but if you follow PhenGold plan for 30 days you will succeed. The trick is to be consistent follow instructions, diet plans after 30 days it becomes easy and  that is what you want, long term weight control.
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