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Want to lose weight? Try this!

Want to lose weightWant to lose weight?

Than you require to be a little choosy with your food. It is food which helps you to have a healthy life. Want to lose weight healthy way? We all know that if wealth is lost something is lost and if health is lost everything is lost. As prevention is better than cure let us choose the right kind of food to lead a healthy and wealthy life.

No wonder that after all day’s work a little bit of Sandwhiches, Burgers, French fries attract us. There is no harm in picking up in the fried food once in a while. Having fried food should not be a habit. Now few question arises, like, how do we eat  healthy food? what are considered to be healthy food? Healthy foods are those which act like a medicine and has positive effect on our health. Few mentionable health foods are green vegetables like brocoli, spinach, food low in fat like yogurt and many more. It is not necessary that all organic foods are healthy foods.

Want to Lose Weight? than Choose right kind of Food

It is very vital for us to choose the right kind of food. Fruits are always good for health, since ages. However, John was a little overweight and he kept having Mangoes as fruits are good for health. However, Mangoes are not very good for those who are a little over weight.

Now let us see how we choose the right kind of food to be healthy. Our food items should  have more of roughage and less of fat. A healthy diet should have appropriate amount of nutrients, protiens, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates. Adequate amount of water helps is necessary for a healthy diet. It is always advisable to consult a dietician and follow a regular food chart.

Healthy meals should be consumed everyday for a better living. We have to very conscious to select the right kind of food. The intake of meat needs to be reduced and intake of vegetables need to be increased. Whole grain should be increased in the meal. Deep fried food should not be consumed as it increased the fat level in the body. Cooking in soy or Worcestershire sauce and monosodium glutamate (MSG) should be highly avoided. Usages of mozzarella should be increased as it is naturally low in fat. Usage of few unhealthy oils, butter, or margarines should be avoided to maintain a healthy life. While taking salad high fat dressing and butter must be replaced by salsa or baked potato. One must intake less of Sweeten waffles and quick breads with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla or almond extracts to avoid intake of sweet. Usage of fresh frozen fruit without added sugar must be used.

Few things should be remembered while eating healthy and staying fit. One should cook simple, prepare food ahead of time. For breakfast, oatmeals may be consumed. Vegetable sandwich with less butter and fat may be consumed for lunch too. All recipes should be prepared in a way that the ingredients of the food are low in fat.

Hence in this way, we can eat and stay healthy.

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want to lose weight

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