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Learn more about PhenGold and teenage obesity

Teenage obesityTeenage Obesity

PhenGold has emphasized on Teenage obesity and written many articles on this. This has captured the imagination of the MSNBC and Reuters have also decided to stress on Teenage obesity. A recent headline of a news article making news reads – Lack of exercise not to blame for teenage obesity.

Teenage obesity in America

In America teenage obesity is on the rise as American teenagers are sedentary in their behavior and lifestyle. According to U.S study U.S. study .Researcher Youfa Wang, of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore states that lack of exercise is not the reason for teenage obesity, considering the fact that almost one-third of the American teenagers are obese.

Reason behind Teenage Obesity

We are trying to make people aware that exercise is not the primary factor effecting weight issues. The primary reason behind teenage obesity is their diet. Your physical stature, your mental faculty all depends on what you eat. Unhealthy diets are the main culprit behind obesity.

Wang is of the opinion that decline in levels of physical activity or exercise is not the main reason for the increase in teenage obesity. Other reason like an unhealthy diet is the principal factor.

Now if I try to recall, I will not be able to say that 20 years ago there were fast food joints at every intersection in any town. I never considered burgers, fries and coke a good meal. Things have changed.  Today my son loves to eat at the fast food counters in the malls where he goes with his friends. It is considered cool and hip. Every day he would ask for money to have lunch outside; preferably fast food. I never paid much attention to his demands till I did this research for PhenGold. Now, I can see that the youths buy many meals for days together at these fast food joints.

When I started my research with PhenGold, I had to read many articles by various experts and I had to see the news, now phentemine375 has a lot of data on diet and weight gain and several reports and studies on this subject. It is technical and quite boring, so I decided to make my article simple and understandable.

When we were young some 20 years ago, we did have frozen foods like ice cream, sea food and frozen meats. Come forward to 2009, you will get frozen meals like frozen pizzas. Any cooked stuff that is frozen is available. They are unhealthy options and expensive at the same time. You should be aware of the medical expenses you are likely to incur with obesity. You are buying toxic material for the consumption of your family. Truly speaking, frozen foods taste quite bad, but the monosodium glutamate present in these foods make you think that the food is very tasty. It is a chemical that stimulates your brain convincing it that it is very tasty.

As a parent you have the responsibility of giving your child healthy diet. You have to show them what is right to eat and what is not. No parent will want that his or her children suffer due to teenage obesity. PhenGold aims at educating the parents so that they show the way to their children and they live long and have a good health.

Your adolescent child will be grateful to you for showing them the way to lead healthy lives. My son loves my new job as he has alighted from the fast food death train with my able guidance. Thanks to PhenGold please learn this lesson from this site and from my experience.

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