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Is Phentemine better than processed food?

phenteminePhentemine 375

It is an interesting fact that men and women who consume processed meats will die earlier due to the two killer diseases heart disease and cancer. Phentemine 375 is trying to make people aware that you need to lose those extra fat cells that are toxic laden. Or else it will prove fatal for you. Phentemine 375 is a fat burning pharmaceutically produced diet pill. It can boost your metabolic rate.

Phentemine – Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian Food Intake?

I am not trying to convert you into a vegetarian. Nevertheless, I shall advise you to have more of vegetables and less of pork, ham chicken. An article published in the New York Times April 2009 stated that populations consuming more of veggies and fruits are less prone to hip fractures, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

Follow Phentemine 375 our diet

When you follow Phentemine 375 our diet of eating clean foods and drinking pure water in the right proportion, you will start losing 3-5 pounds a week. Animal proteins can be substituted for 70% legumes or beans. This will keep your heart, liver, kidneys and colon healthier. Over consumption of animal protein is detrimental to good health. However, we do not suggest that you should not eat meat at all. Follow our diet as we have researched on the elements that make men obese. Start the Phentemine diet; you will notice changes within a month. Your craving for fast food will get a backseat.

When I was young, I had generous helpings of pork, sausage, bacon, and ham every day. The concept was you need to eat heavy to do hard work. This was all right for my grandfather as he worked in farms and factories where he had to do physical labor. However, times have changed. We have to alter our eating habits to fit in to this era.

With the advent of technology, man’s life both at the office and at home has become sedentary. We perform very little physical activity. Therefore, Phentemine 375 has formulated a diet plan that will accentuate weight loss, increase your metabolic rate and your energy level at the same time. You have to eat right, and drink ample water throughout the day. Drinking pure water is vital nowadays as our food is full of agro chemical, pesticides and animal proteins are loaded with viral contagions, and antibiotics.

You must have heard about the killer swine flu. There is some interesting fact regarding pigs and H1N1 virus, better known to be Swine Flu virus. The name of this virus was quickly changed to encourage people to have pork products. Mexico was the epicenter of this epidemic. The poultry is not cared for, they suffer from pneumonia and are given heavy doses of antibiotics, it is unhealthy to eat pork in these conditions.

Below is an excerpt from news that I got from a EU news group.

(European Union agriculture ministers have rejected attempts to lift a ban on US meat imports, according to media reports. The EU ban, in place since 1997, has effectively stopped all imports of US meats because of health concerns. Antibiotics and massive amounts of hormones make the animals grow faster, but are believed to be a health risk, and have been linked to immune system damage in children, cancer and other physical ailments.)

It is time that you should realize that you must eat animal proteins in moderation. There are protein substitutes that are healthier. At Phentemine 375 we feel that commercially raised animals should be avoided as far as possible.

Phentemine 375 aims at dissemination of knowledge good eating among people, especially those who are obese. If the consumer demands clean food we will provide it, the more the demand the more the supply. Phentemine is the ideal weight loss solution formulated in 2009.it also aims at education the public on clean and pure eating habits. Articles in 2010 will do more research on this subject. The word is spreading that Phentemine 375 is the best diet pill in the market so far. We at Phentemine 375 will make you look slimmer and fit. We will teach you how you can detox your body –liver, kidneys so that they function well. If you eat right and drink pure water in the correct amount, our product will increase your metabolic rate to attain maximum weight loss.

Article Provided by: PhenGold.com ( Phentemine 375)


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