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The perfect body shape that you always wanted

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Get Perfect Body Shape

If you are looking for perfect body shape than read this article.

No wonder that after all days work a little bit of Sandwhiches, Burgers, French fries attract us. There is no harm in picking up in the fried food once in a while. Having fried food should not be a habit. Now few question arises, like, how do we eat  healthy food? Healthy foods are those which act like a medicine and has positive effect on our health. Few mentionable health foods are green vegetables like brocoli, spinach, food low in fat like yogurt and many more. It is not necessary that all organic foods are healthy foods, so that you can able to achieve your perfect body shape

High Intensity workouts for Perfect Body Shape

To burn calories, duration and intensity are inversely related. The longer the workout the lower the intensity as per surveyes. However, it has been proved that high intensity workouts is better and effective to attain a perfect Body Shape. In 1995, a study was conducted by Grediagin, et, al, which was published in the journal of the American Dietetic Association (95 (6): 661-5) which compared fat loss in two groups for twelve weeks. One group performed low intensity cardio while the other performed high intensity cardio. Each group lost identical amount of fat but the time taken was different. One group performed within 80% of the duration given while the other group performing high intensity cardio utilized 50% of the duration given. When the goal is to burn calories and time is limited, the way to success is high intensity workouts. The benefits of high intensity workouts is that it strengthens the heart, burns lot of calories, reduces insulin level and gives you perfect body shape. However, it is not easier for joints and it is a little more exhausting than low intensity cardio. Further, there is a tendency in people to continue with low intensity cardio rather than high intensity cardio.

Yoga also helps you to attain your perfect Body Shape

Researches and study on yoga has shown that while practicing yoga you may not lose weight very fast and this is the best way to burn calories. Yoga also helps the body and mind to relax. Physically and spiritually also you will feel better while practicing yoga. You should at least dedicate five hours a week for yoga to get the best result. Without proper practice the best result will not be received. Hence, for a better living one must practice the right kind of yoga.

The practice of yoga is popular since ages. Yoga refers to the physical and mental discipline that originated in India. Many religions believes that yoga is a practice which disciplines the body mentally, verbally and physically. The main branches of yoga are Rāja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. The word yoga has been derived from a Sanskrit word root “yuj,” meaning “to control,” “to yoke” or “to unite. It is believed that in regular practice of Yoga, the ultimate goal, Nirvana may be received. Yoga is been practiced all over the world to lead a peaceful life. Yoga is also helpful to maintain or get perfect body shape

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