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lose weight quicklyTips for Lose Weight Quickly

Every human today is keen to lose weight quickly. It may always not mean to look good. However men and women are very much health conscious and would be happy to lose weight quickly to enjoy a disease free life. Yoga is very simple and gentle way to lose weight and stay healthy. It does not involve rigorous activity, shedding sweat, running miles. Yoga is the perfect way to tone and stretch the body. Thought it may not be the fastest way to lose weight. But definitely it is a permanent way to lose weight. With regular practice of yoga you may lose weight permanently and enjoy life.

Not all yoga techniques are useful for weight lose. There are few specific techniques which are very effective in weight lose. While practicing yoga one need to pick the right form to lose weight quickly. It has been proved that yoga is the best way to lose weight. Bikram yoga and Astanga yoga are the two most popular form of yoga that will help you to burn fat. Bikram yoga needs to be practiced ten times a month to lose weight in the best possible way. This form of yoga is practiced by most athletes and celebrities too.

Lose Weight Quickly with Healthy Meals

Healthy meals should be consumed everyday for a better living. We have to very conscious to select the right kind of food. The intake of meat needs to be reduced and intake of vegetables need to be increased. Whole grain should be increased in the meal. Deep fried food should not be consumed as it increased the fat level in the body. Preparing food in soy or Worcestershire sauce and monosodium glutamate (MSG) should be highly avoided. Usages of mozzarella should be increased as it is naturally low in fat. Usage of few unhealthy oil should be avoided to maintain a healthy life. While taking salad high fat dressing and butter must be replaced by salsa or baked potato. One must intake less of sweet wafers and sweet breads with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla or almond extracts as it encourages intake of sweet.

Lose Weight Quickly with High Intensity Cardio

To burn calories, duration and intensity are inversely related. The longer the workout the lower the intensity as per surveyes. However, it has been proved that high intensity cardio is better and effective. In 1995, a study was conducted by Grediagin, et, al, which was published in the journal of the American Dietetic Association (95 (6): 661-5) which compared fat loss in two groups for twelve weeks. One group performed low intensity cardio while the other performed high intensity cardio. Each group lost identical amount of fat but the time taken was different. One group performed within 80% of the duration given while the other group performing high intensity cardio utilized 50% of the duration given. When the goal is to burn calories and time is limited, the way to success is high intensity cardio. The benefits of high intensity cardio is that it strengthens the heart, burns lot of calories, reduces insulin level. You may also use PhenGold to lose weight quickly as it is used by different people too.


lose weight quickly

Article: Lose Weight Quickly


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