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Fenfluramine History

FenfluramineAbout Fenfluramine

Diet drugs Fenfluramine have been around since the early 1950’s and are still around today, and they are just a deadly now as they were then. Many articles have been written about this drug, starting in 1970 when the drug came out; the American Air Force started giving the troops weight loss drug as a part of the weight loss program that called for the use of Fenfluramine. Some call Fenfluramine drug speed as it raises the heart beat and one is full of excess energy. There are documented cases in the Veterans Administration from people that were forced to use Fenfluramine drug and now are suffering the consequences.

Fenfluramine History Articles

Fenfluramine history articles have been written for over thirty years when it first came out on the market. Some will state that one should not use this drug if you have any kind of heart problems, glaucoma, an overactive thyroid or any history of diabetes. You can read about the over the counter weight loss drug Ayds which were quite tasty and would really curb the appetite. They came in a few different flavors and were like a piece of candy.

Articled have been written on the side effects of Fenfluramine and many people would ignore these warnings. Such as seeing the doctor first, telling them the truth about your health. Often articles were written telling people of the dangers, but many did ignore them.  There are even articles that are online telling one where to buy this drug overseas as it has been taken off the market in the United States. There is a list a mile long of just weight loss drugs that can be bought for the right price.

Just take a look online and the different web sites and you will see many Fenfluramine histories of written articles. The list is long and can be confusing. If you can still buy this online it will cost about fifty dollars for a thirty day supply, plus the shipping and handling.

Other articles written about Fenfluramine will state that many people want it back on the market and all the hype about the seriousness is not true. There are dieters that say nothing ever happened to them and they don’t understand why it was taken off the market. Although Phentermine is still on the market, it does not work well standing alone.

There are articles written by doctor who state there is nothing wrong with Fenfluramine it was the combination of that and Phentermine that caused the problems if any. Others tend to disagree on that. Many Fenfluramine history articles were written stating that most people already had heart and other health issues and taking ‘fen-phen’ caused even more, some will disagree on that as well.

Such articles are also being written that there are newer and better diet aids such as Xenical, which has Fenfluramine in it. There seems to be fewer side effects with this one, although people say it works, but it is not like the old fen-phen, which too many was a killer.

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