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Buy PhenGold and Save

Buy PhenGold and How to Save $$$

As per as my personal experience, I am providing you the details how you can save on buying PhenGold
  • Well, there isn’t a discount code on initial order, however, if You choose package: 90+30 then you will save greatly and it’s one of the most popular package on PhenGold
  • Also if you can order 2x package and still will have the same shipping. So huge savings.
  • There is also a discount code, but you will get it only on your 2nd order. So you have to become customers and then PhenGold will have special coupon issued for your account. The 2nd rebate, at the moment  is $20 on 2 bottles, and $40 on the 90+30 package.

Note: For UK, AUS shipping takes 10 to 15 working days. One bottle of PhenGold is a 15 day supply. If you only buy 1 bottle to first “Try” the product then than you’re going to run out of stock before you able to reorder.

So i recommend you to order 2 or more bottles of Phen75 for best results and savings.
You will get reduced shipping costs per bottle and you will not run out of stock just as you begin to lose massive amounts of weight.

Make sure to order now and take advantage of the limited time free diet plans and cellulite reduction report.


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